About the Data

The data used in this dashboard is pulled directly from the City of Corona's SeeClickFix application. Work requests are extracted from the system and automatically uploaded into CorStat on a daily basis.

What is SeeClickFix?

SeeClickFix is a 311 request and work management app bridging the communication gap between residents and their local governments via a mobile application that can be used on any Blackberry,  Android, or iPhone. 

Residents can simply take out their smart phone and snap a picture of an issue they see within Corona. Once it arrives in City Hall, it turns into a work order and is electronically delivered to crews in the field.

When the problem is resolved, the reporting community member receives an email from the City via SeeClickFix letting them know that the issue has been "fixed."

SeeClickFix Repairs Corona

Before SeeClickFix was implemented, Corona was utilizing a program built in-house to collect and assign work orders to the appropriate departments.  In 2014, the City of Corona chose to eliminate the program and replace it with SeeClickFix because it provided an invaluable opportunity: to empower citizens and businesses, provide enhanced communication with City Hall, and allow citizens to take more pride in their community. SeeClickFix also helps make our City government more efficient, provide greater transparency and connectivity between citizens and the City, and enhance municipal services at a time when many communities are having to cut back because of budgetary pressures.

You saw and clicked, now we fix! 

Corona's goal is to maintain an average resolution time of fewer than 10 business days
The chart below displays average request resolution time over the year. By measuring our request resolution time, we can ensure that concerns and issues identified by our citizens are acknowledged and responded to appropriately.  We can also identify which problem areas consistently appear within our City and create wide-scale solutions. SeeClickFix requests also supports our various departments by keeping management aware if additional resources are needed in order to maintain our City and the high standards we hold for it.

SeeClickFix in Action

Please note: Tree service requests and concrete/asphalt repairs are contracted out to third-party vendors as required by City processes/protocol. As a result, an increased resolution time of 20-30 days may occur on these work orders.

YOU make the difference!

When you report an issue with SeeClickFix, your seemingly small action is actually making a significant impact on Corona. Citizens who report the problems they see in their neighborhood are actively engaging in the process of improving our City. Users can bring more attention to critical issues by rallying together, voting, and sharing with neighbors. City staff is alerted to issues immediately and can prioritize requests within their jurisdiction. By having a more transparent idea of what is happening in our City, we can build a relationship of trust and understanding by knowing that issues can and will be addressed.  Download SeeClickFix for Corona today and start making a difference in our community!

Laura Lopez, DWP Administrative Secretary
If you have any questions regarding the data presented on this page, please contact Laura Lopez at Laura.Lopez2@CoronaCA.gov.