How does it work?

Step 1) A SeeClickFix submission, call, or other correspondence for tree service is requested. A Nexgen service request is created and assigned to the appropriate Superintendent or Lead. The service request is acknowledged and its status changes from “New” to “Open”.
Step 2) Within 3-7 days, staff visits each site and accesses the tree for the requested service (Root prune, trim, removal, planting) and documents necessary notes, comments, and measurements. These details are then input into our contractor portal (Arbor Access).
Step 3) On the 20th of each month, all tree service requests received and collected at that time are broken down and submitted for a “release purchase order” (RPO). This is submitted to Corona's Purchasing division. They process the purchase order request (typically 3-5 days to receive the RPO).
Step 4) Once Parks superintendent and staff receive the purchase order, our vendor (WCA) begins work with multiple crews depending on the task (Trim Crew, Planting Crew, Removal Crew and Root Prune Crew). This typically takes anywhere from 10-20 days depending on how many trees are being serviced.
Step 5) Once the service request list is complete and staff has verified that all specified contractor work is completed, the associated Nexgen work orders are closed.