Robert Newman, Police Chief
"Public Safety and Public Service are top priorities for the men and women of the Corona Police Department. The department has a staff of over 220 employees, including officers and civilian personnel. Together, we are responsible for the protection and safety of Corona’s approximate 167,257 residents."
The Police Department is a full-service organization consisting of: around-the-clock patrol services, an Investigations Division that investigates all types of crimes, a crime scene forensics unit, a highly trained Special Response Team (SWAT) for high risk incidents, mounted officers for crowd control, K-9 teams, School Resource Officers assigned to our high schools, a Youth Diversion Team, a Traffic Bureau with motor officer enforcement, the Homeless Outreach Psychological & Evaluation Team (H.O.P.E), an Air Unit, and other law enforcement functions.
Officers-Per-Thousand Ratio
Several methods have been used to quantify sufficient police staffing in order to provide adequate law enforcement services and respond in an acceptable time to emergency (Priority 1) and other calls for service with the districts of Corona, CA.
An acceptable standard for judging adequate police staffing is the number of officers per-thousand residents. A minimum of 1.0 officers-per-thousand is recommended and generally used as a common method to evaluate staffing numbers.
The City of Corona’s current population is 167,257 with 149 authorized police officers estimated for July 1, 2018. The population is estimated at 169,702 for July 1, 2018. Filling all current vacancies will remain a top priority.
About the Data
The data used in this dashboard is provided via the City of Corona's Police Department records management system. This system is updated real-time by dispatch and file personnel in the field. The data is extracted from the system and uploaded into Socrata on a nightly basis. 
Corona has consistently been rated as one of the safest cities by the annual Congressional Quarterly Report, which is based on the FBI Uniform Crime Reports for all cities over 75,000 populations. In 2016, the City of Corona was recognized as the 13th safest city, with population over 100,000, by which analyzed FBI crime data across the country. Please take a moment to review some of the Corona Police Department's statistics below:

Community Patrol Zones

The Corona Police Department is responsible for maintaining four community patrol zones located throughout the city. Our patrol personnel are servicing our committee 24 hours a day, providing for their safety and security through our strong partnerships and excellence in policing and helping ensure quick and effect response times. 
If you have concerns about crime in your neighborhood, contact your Zone Commander. Type in your address below to find your zone and find contact information for your Zone Commander in the chart below.  
Partnership Provides Aerial Aid
Did you know? Corona PD's partnership with Riverside PD’s “Air-1” helicopter provides a positive impact by arriving on-scene overhead to emergency calls.
Air One responds to calls for service in both Riverside and Corona based on the type and priority, such as In-progress crimes, vehicle pursuits, area checks, and missing persons.  Air Crew’s typically arrive first on scene and can often handle or cancel ground unit, saving travel time, and keeping officers available for priority calls.
Air One is fast, flying at ground speeds of up to 150 MPH, and regularly arrives first on scene, providing fast real time information to better assist patrol officers with capturing fleeing suspects and enhancing public safety.   

Looking Toward the Future

In order to maintain the goal time for police service calls, the Corona Police Department will utilize crime analysis and other designated personnel will track CAD, Corona Solutions, Crime View, and other applicable systems on continuous basis. Personnel will report on emergency response times for emergency calls, statistical information on call increases or decreases, call load by Zones, response times by Zones, emergency response time for 90% of the calls, and other associated activities. The department will also evaluate, on a continuing basis, the size and configuration of Zones and patrol deployments in order to adjust to changing conditions to ensure efficiency and effectiveness.

Jason Perez, Police Sergeant
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