Fire Department Dashboard

"Our commitment is exhibited through our response to emergency incidents and our extensive community engagement, emergency management, and fire prevention efforts. The Corona Fire Department is proud of its service to the community. We demonstrate our commitment to success by exploring new ways of providing the most efficient and professional services possible to those who reside in, work in, or visit our community."
- Fire Chief Brian Young
The Corona Fire Department has served the community for over a century. The Mission of the Corona Fire Department is to prevent or minimize the loss of life, damage to the environment and loss of property from the adverse effects of fire, medical emergencies, and hazardous conditions. Our first priority is the emergency needs of our community. We will respond with properly staffed, well-equipped, expertly trained, healthy firefighters within our designated response time standards.

We're here to help...always!

The Corona Fire Department provides a variety of services.
Firefighting Operations
Due to the prolific use of synthetics, fires in today's homes and businesses burn exponentially hotter and spread faster than ever before. A rapid fire department response has never been more important to saving lives and property.
Emergency Medical Services
The rapid delivery of EMS response is critical during life threatening emergencies. Every Corona Fire Department engine is staffed with at least 1 paramedic, and a minimum of 4 personnel. If you haven’t taken CPR training, visit to sign up and learn from our firefighters!
Special Operations
The Fire Department Operations Division provides protection for our citizens and visitors with a full service response force. This includes protection of life and property from the destructive forces of fire and the protection of life, environment, and property from hazardous materials releases. It also provides advanced and basic life support at medical emergencies, participates in search and rescue operations, responds to catastrophic events, and provides other life saving measures as needed. 

Our Performance

In order to maintain our outlined goals, the Corona Fire Department utilizes data and metrics to identify gaps in response strategies and explore response time improvements through communication, investigation, and innovation. Please view the Corona Fire Department's response time data listed below:

Corona Fire Stations

The City of Corona has seven fire stations strategically located in order to provide fast, effective, and professional care to its residents.
Please view our interactive map to familiarize yourself with the location of our city's fire stations/districts so that you are prepared in the event of an emergency.

Call to arrival measures time from receipt of the request for assistance until the apparatus arrives on the scene. Corona Fire Department goals are 1:00 minute for call processing, 1:50 minutes for turnout, and 4:00 minutes for travel. This adds up to 6:50 minutes (approximately 410 seconds).

Serving Our City with Pride

The Corona Fire Department strives to be one of the most respected, progressive, and innovative departments in public safety and emergency services. Consistent with the Department's mission statement, the primary goal of the department is to deliver superior services through a commitment to fire prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery efforts. 
Through the use of this data and several other methods,  the Corona Fire Department will continue to maintain a professional, progressive, and compassionate organization that sets the standard for excellence through service, dedication, and commitment to the community while constantly improving, innovating, and achieving goals.
Justin McGough, Deputy Fire Chief
If you have any questions regarding the data presented on this page, please contact Justin McGough at