Street/Sidewalk Rehabilitation SeeClickFix Requests

How does it work?

(Day 1) Calls or SeeClickFix requests for lifted or damaged concrete/asphalt are received by department and Nexgen service requests are created and assigned to the appropriate Superintendent/Lead.
(Days 2-4) Staff visits each location to evaluate, prioritize, and mark out any safety hazards as well as mark out the limits of the areas to be replaced or repaired. A dig alert is called in for each location so that other utilities in the area can be located and marked prior to work being started. The Nexgen service request is converted to a work order at this time.
(Days 4-14) The department develops a list of 15-20 locations based off of safety hazard prioritization (the city sidewalk policy has defined prioritization guidelines) and or the order requests were received. The list is then sent to our concrete contractors to obtain contracted pricing.
(Days 17-21) The Superintendent/Lead receives and reviews the pricing. The Superintendent checks the concrete/asphalt CIP budgets and purchase order releases to ensure funding is available.
(Days 21-25) The Superintendent sends approval to the contractor to proceed with the work (pricing over $5,000 is approved by the department manager). A work schedule is requested and received from the contractor.
(Days 25-32) Staff tags each location with a notice of the work dates.  The contractor begins the work.

Street Rehabilitation Data

Sidewalk Maintenance Data