Corona Open Performance

The City of Corona’s mission is to serve as the caretaker and protector of our community through thoughtful planning and the highest and best use of our fiscal and human resources; providing a solid foundation for a sustainable future. Corona is an inclusive, diverse City that treasures its past while embracing its future; values an exceptionally high quality of life; attracts diverse economic opportunities; provides ample resources for entertainment and recreational opportunities for people of all ages; and provides transparent governance to engage its residents. Discover where our data comes from by exploring our dataset inventory.
We are constantly updating our dashboards. Check back for new goals soon!


Open Budget
Open Checkbook
Citizen Tax Receipt
The City of Corona’s 'Open Budget'  allows citizens to explore how funds are allocated across government departments, programs, and capital improvement projects.
The City of Corona’s 'Open Checkbook'  provides a guided view of payments to City vendors as well as other obligations paid through the City's accounts payable system.
The 'Corona Taxpayer Receipt' demonstrates how a resident’s estimated local sales and property taxes support budgeted services provided by the City.