About the Data

The data used in this dashboard is extracted from TRAKiT, a web-based system that tracks building permits and projects initialized within the City of Corona. Information presented on this dashboard updates nightly via an automated process. 
The mission of the Building Division is to provide quality services to the community in a manner that is comprehensive, efficient, knowledgeable and helpful to the public. The Building Division promotes and ensures that all new development in Corona is constructed in accordance with the highest standards of safety and that all existing structures are maintained in a safe condition.


The Building Division issues, approves, and finalizes permits for a variety of site work in addition to construction. Examples include changing out an air conditioner, re-roofing a house, or installing windows at a business or residence. 

What does a permit status mean?

APPLIED: An application has been submitted and the project is currently being reviewed by the City.
ISSUED: The project has been approved and permit has been issued. Inspections can now be scheduled.
FINALED: The project has been completed and all required inspections have been approved.

What types of permits are being issued?

Certain permits issued are indicators that can assist with analyzing areas of growth or stagnation when looking at the overall health of the City's economy. These types of permits include single-family residences, pools, new commercial, and commercial remodel.

Plan Review

The plan review process allows the City of Corona to review construction plans to ensure that the technical aspects of submitted applications meet all standards and requirements. 
At intake, City staff identifies which departments will be required to review the submitted plans based on the type of construction. Plans are then routed to the appropriate departments where they enter a review cycle. When every department has finished their review, the current review cycle is deemed complete. If corrections are required, revised plans are to be submitted to the city and a new review cycle will begin.
Timely reviews are an extremely important component of the plan review process. The City of Corona’s Building Division is dedicated to providing a fast and efficient service to expedite our communities permitting needs. In comparison to neighboring cities, we boast some of the fastest review times:
The Building Division's goal is to meet or exceed review times of 10 business days on first submittal and 5 business days for every resubmittal. All new submittals and resubmittals incur an additional onebusiness day for routing to plan review and one business day after the review is complete for processing. Once plans are approved, allow the Building Division up to 3 business days to prepare for permit issuance.

Did you know? Electronic Plan Reviews are here!

The City has deployed an electronic plan review system called ProjectDox for customers to submit and have their plans reviewed online. Benefits include:
  • Access review status in real-time
  • Access comments and marked-up plans
  • Access approved plans that are signed and stamped
  • Download and print approved plan sets


The City of Corona Building Department performs inspections from Monday through Thursday, 7AM-6PM. The department uses eTRAKiT to allow citizens to schedule inspections online. 
The purpose of a building inspection is to verify compliance with the minimum safety standards set forth in the City of Corona's adopted codes. When the inspection is performed, the Building Inspector will review all work done, compare it to the approved plans or building code for compliance, and issue an inspection report.

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