The City of Corona seeks to strengthen its mission-critical work to prevent homelessness. Through outreach and advocacy, we can help homeless individuals and families in all parts of the City. Cooperation among city staff, volunteers, nonprofit and private organizations to address homelessness can make positive changes in the lives of the homeless while also upholding the rights of home and business owners. 

📰 Study Sessions/Homelessness Resource Committee Meetings & Reports 

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At a Study Session held on January 23, 2019 Corona City Council Members created the 2019 Homelessness Resources Committee. Click here to watch the video from the Study Session. An additional study session was held on May 22nd. Click here to view
On Monday, March 11, the Homelessness Resources Committee met with stakeholders, local non-profits, faith-based organizations and community volunteers to perform a SWOT Analysis and Asset Mapping Exercise facilitated by Dr. Debra Mustain from Norco College. The presentation is available here.
On April 5, the City of Corona launched a "Homeless Outreach" Data Dashboard to display current statistics, resources, and outreach efforts. The page houses information on the current number of homeless neighbors, provides a snapshot of homelessness forms, and showcases outreach engagements to date. Click here to explore the Data Dashboard.
On May 22, 2019 Corona City Council Members held a study session to update and discuss homelessness in Corona and provide direction to staff. Click here to watch the video from the study session.
Homelessness Resource Committee meetings are held monthly. To view these videos and learn about upcoming meetings, click here.