About the Data

The data used in this dashboard is tracked by a GIS application developed by the City of Corona and deployed in August 2017. Data is extracted and manually uploaded into Socrata on a yearly basis.
Infrastructure maintenance and repair is one of the important aspects of keeping Corona a healthy, thriving city. Delaying investments into infrastructure increases costs and presents serious risks to the public in the form of an aging city.  Infrastructure investment is a crucial contribution to economic development and growth and brings important social benefits. 

Our Goal

The City of Corona's goal is to remain proactive when addressing infrastructure issues. The City must also acknowledge the current issues that aging infrastructure presents. We will continue to maintain a serious, sustained leadership on infrastructure investment at all levels of government.

Current Developments in Corona, CA

Repair Points Inspected in Corona, CA

Other Resources

Street Sweeping Schedule
Landscape Maintenance Districts

Infrastructure Committee Meeting

The City of Corona also encourages all of its residents to participate in the monthly infrastructure meeting in order to discuss any on-going/future infrastructure questions, comments, or concerns. Infrastructure Committee meetings are held the 1st Wednesday of the month at the City Council Board Room, in the third floor of City Hall, at 8 a.m.  For more information please contact the Management Services Department at (951) 736-2371. Click here to view Meeting Agendas and Minutes.

Tom Koper, Assistant Public Works Director
If you have any questions regarding the data presented on this page, please contact Tom Koper at Tom.Koper@CoronaCA.gov.
To request minor repairs and/or maintenance of a City sidewalk, roadway, curb or gutter, please call Maintenance Services at (951) 736-2234 or submit an Online Service Request.