About the Data

The data used in this dashboard is collected from a monthly report compiled by members of Library management and staff.  Once the report is published, relevant data is extracted and uploaded into Socrata manually on a monthly basis.
The Corona Public Library serves a city of over 165,000 citizens and circulates over 500,000 items each year. The Library’s services have expanded to include U.S. Passport Services, notary, online tutoring, test proctoring, small business consulting, and Fair Housing assistance. The rich variety of collections, services, and outreach programs reach over 400,000 people, and fit the city’s motto: 
"To Cherish Our Past and To Plan Our Future"

Lending a Helping Hand

The Corona Public Library's goal is to consistently increase the number of citizens who visit the Library.
We will achieve this by performing the following:
  • actively asking citizens if they require assistance when they visit the public library
  • responding to any incoming questions, concerns, comments or inquiries
  • reaching out to the community during public events and programs
This goal is tracked on a monthly basis by measuring how many visitors requests are received via documentation provided by library administration and management.
By measuring how many visitors the library receives each month, keys areas of improvement can be more easily identified and resource management will improve.
This measure is important because it helps keep our library running effectively.

Patron Requests

We love helping our citizens! Everyone who visits the Corona Public Library can ask any of our expert Library staff members for assistance. This assistance may be requested in person or remotely and from a variety of public desks. Patron requests ensure that needs are being met in a timely and professional manner by providing up-to-date information, resources, and assistance to every citizens who visits the Library.

Check out our Data!

Try out these library services!

Did you know about these great services that you can try out right here at our own Corona Public Library?

Passport Services
The Corona Public Library has been a passport acceptance facility since June 1999 and is located on the first floor of the library. Please call (951) 736-2386 with questions, or to make an appointment!
Our History
The W.D. Addison Heritage Room is at the center of local history. Our collection includes books, pamphlets, manuscripts, photographs, slides, postcards, artifacts, maps, newspapers, microfilm, citrus labels, yearbooksoral histories and sound recordings, and more! The entire artifact, blueprint, citrus label, map, and oversize photograph collections are available through Corona Heritage Online. For more information, click here.

Our Plan

The Corona Library has been growing rapidly since it was founded over 100 years ago. As the Library continues to expands it role and serve the public, the library is taking these steps to build a better, brighter future:
  1. Continue to build a connected community through various means of outreach, such as new programs and services
  2. Improve customer service with our patrons by using data to connect with and serve our citizens
  3. Utilize the latest tools and technology to create better solutions for staff and patrons
The Corona Public Library remains committed to life-long learning and serving as the community hub for the citizens of Corona. We look forward to growing and learning with you!
Abigail Schellberg, Library & Recreation Services Assistant Director
If you have any questions regarding the data presented on this page, please contact Abigail Schellberg at Abigail.Schellberg@CoronaCA.gov.